Customised Doodle: Peek-a-Boo Frame

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Don't know what to do with the million pictures that are lying loose in your house? Want to make a memerophila wall with movie tickets of all the films you've ever watched? Want to put a map of the world, and scratch off whatever place you've visited? 

Well, here's your answer. Our Peek-a-boo Frames provide just the solution. 

So what is a Peek-a-boo Frame? Well, it's a double glass frame that comes in any colour of your choice where you can stick pictures, tickets, maps, greeting cards, children's drawings etc. It's a visible home for the stuff you don't know where to put. 


We doodled a Peek-a-Boo Frame for one of our client's friends after we grilled him about her personality. We added elements of what she loved and of her interests. It turned out to be the 'Best Present Ever!'


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